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St Marys, OH 45885
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Forty-Three Million Wheels...

A leader in the manufacture of
cast aluminum automotive wheels.

Our products can be found on some
of the most popular vehicles today.

Our clients include some of the largest
auto manufacturers in the world.


We are proud of our history and our capabilities in the design and manufacture of aluminum castings.

Kosei is an American company, which enjoys the support of Kosei Aluminum Co., LTD. – a world leader in metallurgy and a wide variety of metal products. This relationship allows us to utilize the best of American and Japanese technology and management skill to produce the highest quality products. Learn More..


Kosei St. Marys Corporation will strive to be the best aluminum wheel company in the world in terms of safety, quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction. All associates of Kosei St. Marys Corporation are involved in and support this objective.