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Plant-Wide Utility Operator


  • To develop individuals with broad knowledge & skills across several jobs and departments
  • To provide staff that can help cover short-term absence and open positions
  • To develop pool of candidates to be considered for future supervisory roles


1.  Performs the normal duties of the following positions as assigned:

  • Casting Operator
  • Pre-Machining Operator
  • Melting Operator
  • De-burr/Leak Test Operator
  • Painting Line Operator
  • Final Inspection Operator

2.  Rotates between positions and departments to perform variety of tasks on an intermittent basis (from day-to-day and during each shift).Might be asked to work a reasonable amount of overtime to help support various positions and departments.

3.  Reports directly to Deputy Plant Manager (1st shift) or Superintendent (2nd & 3rd shifts) but might also perform duties as directed by the First Line Supervisor or Department Supervisor of the department to which he/she is assigned each day.


1.  Six (6) months or more of active service with the Company is required.

2.  Proven experience in performing one or more of the above-listed positions is strongly preferred.

3.  Performance evaluations with “above average” ratings are required.

4.  Excellent attendance (zero demerits or better) and excellent safety record are required.

5.  Willingness to work a reasonable amount of overtime is required.

6.  After training, demonstrated competency for each of the above-listed positions is required.

7.  After training, forklift license and demonstrated competency in forklift operation is required.

Hourly Positions

Environmental Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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