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Maintenance Manager


1) Plans, organizes, and directs the overall maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, and facility.
2) Compiles and reviews various reports, logs, charts, corrective action lists, etc. to identify and prioritize maintenance and repair assignments to resolve production equipment issues.
3) Develops standard operating procedures and maintains maintenance records for production equipment, including downtime, repair costs, spare parts, reliability studies, and ‘mean time before failure’ (MTBF) analysis.
4) Prepares budgets for supplies, spare parts, staffing, and contracted services.  Assists in preparation of capital expense budgeting and generates continuous improvement and cost reductions ideas.
5) Communicates with other production departments and shifts to maximize work order completion and machine up-time.  Performs root cause analysis in determining cause of equipment breakdown. 
6) Reviews associate performance and provide appropriate feedback and counseling for continuous improvement.
1) At least seven (7) years of related maintenance and machine repair experience and three (3) years of supervisory experience--preferably in a high-volume manufacturing environment--is required.
2) Experience in development and management of preventative maintenance programs and reliability programs—including tools such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, and thermal imaging analysis.
3) High school diploma or GED is required.  Related bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, is strongly preferred.
4) Proven experience in managing multiple projects, objectives, and deadlines—preferably for preventative maintenance programs.
5) Excellent leadership and communication skills are essential.  
6) Working knowledge of 440 or 480 three-phase electrical/electronic systems, electronics/robotics, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, and systems is required.  Operational knowledge of precision measuring instruments, gauges, test equipment, and blueprint reading is also required.  Operational experience with maintenance work order systems required.
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