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I.T. Systems Administrator


1)  Supports and maintains continuous and efficient operation of the server and desktop environment by proactively monitoring the utilization and performance of critical equipment and services--including servers, the Active Directory, and VMware.  Investigates, recommends, and implements effective solutions for resource and business computing issues.

2)  Plans and monitors system to ensure that storage space meets the resource requirements of multiple databases in development, testing, and production environments.

3)  Assesses constraints and implications of system changes.  Determines appropriate solutions and implements comprehensive testing before making changes to the production environment.  Documents and maintains appropriate backup procedures.

4)  Interfaces with user departments to provide efficient second level technical support, solve issues, and minimize disruption of services for clients and staff.  Coordinates with vendors for support as necessary.

5)  Evaluates the potential benefits of alternative technologies as directed by the I.T. Manager.  Compiles cost-benefit analyses for assigned I.T. projects.

6)  Supports administration, usage, and maintenance of other systems, including:

  • Desk and cellular telephone systems
  • Purchasing or leasing of printers and facsimiles
  • SharePoint System
  • Professional documentation for all supported systems


1)  At least five (5) years of progressive experience in providing technical support for a Microsoft environment--including Office 365, network and server products is required.  At least three (3) years of system administration experience is also required.

2)  Relevant Associate degree, or equivalent, is required. 

3)  Specific experience should also include administration of all communication systems and assets of the organization (networks, remote/handheld computing, mobiles, VoIP telephony)

4)  Experience with the following is strongly preferred:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Inventory systems (e.g., Whatsup, PDQ)
  • Interfacing with vendors and negotiation of licensing and service agreements
  • Hardware and software deployment methodologies and use of deployment software (e.g., PDQ)
  • WSUS, Cisco AMP, Veeam, or similar software
  • SAN/NAS solutions

5)  Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills are also essential.

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