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HVAC Specialist


  • Performs installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of heating, ventilation, cooling towers and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and systems.
  • Performs regular cleaning, servicing, testing, and preventative maintenance tasks to help ensure that all HVAC equipment and systems function effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensures compliance with laws and regulations governing environmental protection, hazardous waste disposal and the use of chemical substances and materials.  Utilizes specialized equipment in the recovery and recycling of regulated refrigerants.
  • Provides advice and recommendations regarding equipment specifications, capabilities, and costs for decisions related to maintenance, repair, or new purchases.
  • Maintains logs and documentation and compiles reports related to maintenance and repair of equipment and systems.  
  • Audits work performed by outside HVAC services to ensure that specified results are achieved and contract terms are fulfilled.  


  • High school diploma (or equivalent) is required.  Related vocational training and HVAC license and/or certification are also required.
  • Working knowledge of precision measuring instruments, gauges, test equipment, and reading of blueprints and schematics is required.
  • Working knowledge of sheet metal fabrication, plumbing, carpentry, and personal computer operation is strongly preferred.
  • Working knowledge of 440 or 480 three-phase electrical systems, electronics, programmable logic controllers, robotics, hydraulic/pneumatic equipment and systems, and welding is preferred.


  • Starting wage rate (varies by experience/skill)--$26.00/hr to $34.00/hr --includes $1.00/hr attendance bonus if attendance is "perfect" for one (1) pay period (two weeks)
  • Top wage rate --$34.00/hr --includes $1.00/hr attendance bonus
  • Extra $2.00/hr weekend bonus for Sat./Sun. hours worked--IF attendance bonus is earned for same pay period
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