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CNC Machine Operator


  • ​​Sets up lathes, machining centers, and robots.  Enters and edits machine programs, and sets up parameters.
  • Performs tool changes as required and verifies all dimensions using appropriate measuring instruments and gauges.
  • Performs regular quality checks, adjustments, cleaning, preventive maintenance, and minor repairs.
  • Maintains related documentation and completes S.P.C. charts and check sheets.
  • Operates and maintains coolant and filter systems.


  • At least six (6) months of related CNC machining experience and working knowledge of Statistical Process Control is required.
  • High school diploma, or equivalent, is required.


  • Starting wage rates--$21.65/hr --includes $1.00/hr attendance bonus if attendance is "perfect" for one (1) pay period (two weeks)
  • Top wage rates--$25.65/hr --includes $1.00/hr attendance bonus
  • Extra $2.00/hr weekend bonus for Sat./Sun. hours worked--IF attendance bonus is earned for same pay period
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